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Art in Public Places

In 2004, the Public Art Commission held a competition to select a website artist to create a temporary public art website to highlight the City of Palo Alto Art in Public Places collection. The Commission selected artist and website designer, Hasan Dasdemir, HD Projects, to design this website entitled, "PALO ALTO PUBLIC ART COMMUNITY" which went live in July, 2005. The website represents public art in the community from both public and private collections. The website includes 18 artworks from the City of Palo Alto's Art In Public Places Program, which numbers a total of 326 artworks, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional. The Art In Public Places Program is supported by the City of Palo Alto. The Public Art Commission is charged with recommending to and advising the City Council on the selection of artists for a project, the selection of particular works of art, and the approval of designs and plans for works of art under the Art in Public Places Program.

History of the Public Art Commission

The City of Palo Alto adopted Municipal Ordinances 2.18 and 2.26 in 1975, creating the Visual Arts Jury and establishing the Art In Public Places Program. The name "Public Art Commission" was officially adopted in 1989. Ordinance 2.18 describes Art In Public Places as: ". . . any visual work of art displayed for two weeks or more in an open City-owned area, on the exterior of any City-owned facility, within any City-owned facility in areas designated as public area, lobbies, or public assembly areas, or on non-City property if the work of art is installed or financed, either wholly or in part, with City funds or grants procured by the City. Permanent installation (installation intended to remain on year or more), in accordance with Municipal Code 2.26.050, shall receive the prior review and advice of the Public Art Commission, a seven member commission appointed by the City Council." The Art In Public Places Program is supported by the City of Palo Alto Capital Improvement Project.

Since 1976, the Public Art Commission has sought sculptures and art to purchase and site in the City. In 1977, through a Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) grant, the City was able to employ artists to paint murals at locations throughout Palo Alto. In addition, the Visual Arts Jury sponsored its first outdoor sculpture exhibition, resulting in the purchase of two sculptures. In 1982, the Visual Arts Jury sponsored its second outdoor sculpture exhibition from which three sculptures were purchased, based on the results of community voting.

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Last Updated: February 20, 2007