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Werry Park

Werry Park

William C. WERRY Park

Location: 2100 Dartmouth Street between College and Stanford avenues

Description:  1.1 acre rectangular open grassy area, defined by a low stone wall, for active or passive enjoyment in the College Terrace neighborhood.  

Amenities:  children’s playground, picnic table

History note:  Along with Cameron, Mayfield, and Weisshaar, one of the four old Mayfield parks.  Dating back to 1888, the mini parks, positioned symmetrically, were originally called Berkeley, Hollywood, Hampton, and Eton.  Eton was renamed Werry in 1968 after William C. Werry who was assistant postmaster, then Palo Alto postmaster from 1924 until 1935.

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Last Updated: February 16, 2007