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Robles Park

Robles Park

Don Secundino ROBLES Park

Location: 4116 Park Boulevard, between West Meadow Drive and Charleston Road

Description: 4.7 acres.  Quiet neighborhood park hidden from view. Generous open space and various play areas welcome a multiple of activities.

Amenities: two children’s playgrounds (wheelchair accessible toddler swings), two picnic areas (one shaded by wisteria-covered arbors), barbecues, benches, multipurpose bowl with colorful tile art, basketball court, softball backstop, footpath

History note:  In 1847, Don Secundino Robles and his brother Teodoro bought the 8418-acre Rancho Rincon de San Francisquito (south Palo Alto and Barron Park) from Jose Pena, a retired Presidio soldier. Robles and his wife, Maria Antonia Garcia, enlarged Pena’s small adobe, and their hacienda  became a lively center of social activity for the surrounding area.  In the mid-1850s, Robles began to sell off land to pay off debt. Twenty years later, his ranch was half the original size.

Robles was born in 1813 in today’s Santa Cruz and died in 1890. His wife lived until 1897.  Their home stood until 1906 when it collapsed in the earthquake.  A plaque at Alma Street and Ferne Avenue is near the hacienda’s site.

Robles Park was first called Mayfield.  The name was changed in 1968 because this park- land was not in the town of Mayfield and because a park in College Terrace already had that name. 

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Last Updated: February 16, 2007