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Ramos Park

Ramos Park

Don Jesus RAMOS Park

Location: 800 East Meadow Drive

Description: 4.4 acre neighborhood park with an abundance of open space for a variety of recreational activities.

Amenities: large open grassy area, children’s playground, picnic area with barbecues, benches, path around park, multi-purpose concrete slab with a basketball hoop.

History note: Ramos Park opened in 1958 as part of a plan to develop more recreational space south of Oregon.  It is named after Don Jesus Ramos, a native of Mexico who came to California in search of gold.  He arrived in the Mayfield area in 1851 and in 1883  bought a couple of  acres of land and built a house at 727 Page Mill Road. Here he lived with his family until his death in 1912. 

The park was first named Meadow Park after the tract of land that it was part of. 

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Last Updated: January 11, 2010