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Improving Indoor Air Quality

Sustainability for Kids: Electrification Edition

Webinar - Understanding and Improving Indoor Air Quality

Summer Sustainability for Kids: Electricity Edition

Summer Sustainability for Kids: Natural Gas Edition

Summer Sustainability for Kids

Key Account Newsletter - Shedding Light on the Hidden Costs of Summer

Small & Medium Business Newsletter - MyCPAU

Tips to Help You Save

Workshop and Events Update

Key Account Newsletter - MyCPAU, EV Fleets and More

Coronavirus Update for City of Palo Alto Utilities Customers

Update on Upcoming Workshops and Events

Share Your Input: Palo Alto’s Sustainability Goals and Key Actions

You're Invited to our First 2020 Sustainability and Climate Action Plan Community Workshop

Small & Medium Business Newsletter - Important updates on the City of Palo Alto's actions in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Upcoming Workshops and Events

Register Today for the Great Race for Saving Water & Earth Day Festival!

Save the Date: 2020 Sustainability and Climate Action Plan Community Workshop

CPAU's 2020 Vision: New Year, New Sights Set

Free Landscape Workshop - Rainwater Harvesting: Rain Gardens, Rain Barrels and Cisterns

SunShares Deadline Extended to Nov. 30 & More EV Discounts from APPA and BAAQMD!

Free Landscape Workshop - Pruning and Propagating Plants: Making New Plants from Old

Reminder: Next Week - Utilities Resilience Workshop Nov 13

Refrigerator Recycling Program

Utilities Resilience Workshop #2 - Nov 13

Bay Area Electrification Expos This Week! Join Us in Palo Alto or San Jose

Bay Area Electrification Expo - October 10 & 12

Important Safety Alert - Potential PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff Notice

It's an Electrifying Weekend! Join us for EV Ride & Drive, Plus EV & Solar Discounts

National Drive Electric Week September 14th - 22nd

Presentation on City's Electric Vehicle Programs

Discounts on Solar & EVs Now Available - Limited Time Only!