Gas Meter Suspension or Removal

You can suspend or completely remove your meter. 


To eliminate the monthly natural gas "Customer Charge" a Customer having a natural gas meter, but not using natural gas, may request suspending their natural gas account.

Suspending a natural gas account is free upon request. For safety reasons the meter will be sealed and locked in the “off” position. Re-establishment of natural gas service at the premise will follow the procedures for creating a new natural gas account.

If the gas account has been suspended for more than 180 days, it is the Customer’s responsibility to test the house piping prior to re-establishment of gas service. All costs associated with building permits and inspection and testing of Customer house piping by a qualified contractor will be at the Customer’s expense.

Steps to Suspend a Natural Gas Account:


 Steps to Completely Remove Gas Connection and Meter:

  • If you are interested in completely removing your gas connection and meter, you must submit this disconnection form. Please check the boxes applicable for removing the meter and/or service line.
  •  Return application to Utilities Customer Service Counter, Ground Floor, 250 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94303
  • Call (650) 329-2161 for more information. 

The application process should be completed within 10 business days or less, and the meter shop will remove the meter. Gas line removal requires digging, which may disrupt landscaping on site.