Demolition and Construction

Prior to permitted demolition, please contact the City of Palo Alto’s Development Center, located at 285 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto CA 94031. They can be reached at 650-329-2496 or by email at

Please read this Guide to Utility Disconnections to familiarize yourself with the process and learn what to expect from the process.

All applicants who are looking to start permitted demolition or redevelopment of residential or commercial buildings within the City of Palo Alto must submit the demolition forms listed below:

-        Disconnection prior to demolition 

-        Request for temporary construction power 

-        Owner Declaration form  


Applicants who are interested in removing gas service for Electrification purposes can learn more by visiting our gas suspension or removal page.

Customers are responsible for any reconnection charges, fees and permits for the installation or reinstallation of electric, water, gas or wastewater service. The rate schedule for fees can be found below:

     - Gas Connection Fees

     - Wastewater Connection Fees 

     - Water Connection Fees 

      - Electric Connection Fees If you have additional questions regarding electric connection fees you can call Electric Engineering at (650-566-4500).