Meter Reading Info & Schedule

Reading over 62,000 electric, natural gas, and water meters every month, the highly-trained and experienced City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) Meter Readers pride themselves on accuracy and efficiency. At the same time, the safety and security of your dwelling has never been more important, with cameras and locked backyard gates being the “new normal.” In order to have your utility meters read every month and your bill successfully generated, our Meter Readers need recurring monthly access to your meters, including those behind security locks and gates. 

To help you monitor and schedule our access to your meters, CPAU distributes a “Meter Reading Route Calendar” to customers each month indicating the scheduled meter reading date for every route in the city. If you need assistance in determining your route number, please contact the Customer Service Center at (650) 329-2161 or by emailing

As always, please let us know if circumstances have changed on your property that could impact our ability to successfully access and read your utility meters such as a new dog, your extended vacation away from home, or the installation of a new security gate and/or lock. 

Please call Customer Service and we will ensure that your information is provided to Meter Reading. We can also make alternate arrangements to ensure that your monthly bill is generated, such as estimating usages for the time period that your meters are unavailable. 

Meter Reading Route Calendar

If you are unable for reasons of work, travel, or simply your schedule, to provide the coordination needed for the Meter Readers to get monthly access to your meters, you can enroll in the CPAU “Customer Reads Own Meter” program. This program allows you to read (or photograph) your own meters and submit that information to CPAU on a monthly basis.

To submit your meter reads, you can:

  • Send us a picture. Submit your clear close-up photo of each meter dial meter by email to
  • Mailing pre-printed Meter Read cards. Completed cards would be mailed to: City of Palo Alto Utilities, 250 Hamilton Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94301.
  • Call in your readings. Contact Utilities Customer Service at 650-329-2161 to submit your gas and or electric meter readings, ask for additional supplies of Meter Read cards, or with questions or concerns.
  • Submit your meter readings online through the Meter Reading Form

Note: Your meter readings, in every format, should be submitted to CPAU approximately 5 to 7 days before the scheduled Meter Read date indicated on the monthly Route Calendar. This will ensure that we receive your reads on time for billing purposes. 

To participate in this program, customers will need to allow CPAU to schedule one annual site visit to inspect and read your meters to ensure that each meter is operating correctly and safely.   

Read more about Meter Reading Rules and Regulations.