How the Genie can Help You

"" Why did my water usage go up so much?

Water Efficiency

The Genie can review your past water usage patterns and provide guidance on water efficiency programs in Palo Alto. The Genie Virtual Assessment may be able to help identify possible water leak sources. Also included are water saving devices including high efficient shower heads and faucet aerators.

Water Heating

The Genie can review the energy burden of your home's water heating. On average, water heating makes up 25% of a home's energy use. The Genie can help you review all potential water heating options, including installing a heat pump water heaters to increase your home's efficiency. 
"" How do I make my second floor cooler?

Heating, Cooling and Insulation

Call the Genie to learn more about the efficiency of your home's heating and cooling systems and the impact of insulation. The Genie can help you review different high-efficiency heating and cooling options.  If you decide to move forward, the Genie can help you locate a qualified contractors for any projects. home's efficiency. 

 Does it make sense for us to put solar panels on our roof?

Interested in learning more about solar electricity for powering your home? The Genie can review your past electric consumption and help guide options for residential solar.

How will buying an electric vehicle impact my electricity bill?

Electric Vehicles in Palo Alto

The Genie offers guidance on the impact an EV will have on your home and energy use. The Genie can also provide advice on installing home EV chargers and locating public charging stations in Palo Alto. Check out our new EV/PV calculator to see if an EV may be right for you!

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