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Find out why water bill increased How do I make my second floor cooler do solar panels make sense? How to find and fix a draft how will buying an ev impact our electricity bill?

The Genie is your trusted advisor for all efficiency upgrades and programs.

Are there areas of your home that are less comfortable than others? Do you live in a home that is more than twenty years old? Want to maximize incentives for your remodel? The Home Efficiency Genie can help!

The Genie House Call provides a professional, in-home energy and water checkup. A specially-trained building performance expert will use diagnostic testing equipment to evaluate your building envelope and measure the performance of your home as a system.


A Genie House Call includes:

  • Duct & HVAC system evaluation
  • Air leakage inspection
  • Insulation analysis
  • Whole-house infrared camera scan
  • Direct install of energy and water efficient products



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200+ house calls & counting Many Palo Alto Residents Have Already Benefited from the Genie

200+ homes in Palo Alto have already turned to the Home Efficiency Genie to learn where their homes are wasting energy and water.

95% were wasting energy on their lighting 98% were leaky or drafty 73% were using more water than needed

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