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A Genie House Call is an easy way to bring efficiency to every aspect of your home.  Hundreds of homes in Palo Alto have already received a Genie House Call and many have shared how the Genie has helped them.


The City of Palo Alto Utilities is proud to announce that the Home Efficiency Genie Program has received the National Energy Innovator Award for its application of creative, energy-efficient techniques and technologies.  To read more, visit the American Public Power Association's press release.








“The Home Efficiency Genie is a full-service program that helped us identify home improvements we can do to make our home more efficient, comfortable and safe. Our energy advisor guided us through the process and helped us make informed decisions so that we get more bang for the buck! Everyone can benefit from this program because it’s customized to meet the unique characteristics of your home.”

Duveneck/St. Francis neighborhood


“The Home Efficiency Genie just made [home efficiency upgrades] so easy for me. I can't believe the benefits you get from it. We found out that our furnace was only 72% efficient and reaching the end of its lifetime. Working with energy experts helped us weigh the different options and choose between qualified contractors. These are twenty-year decisions you are making – it’s great to receive such extensive input on how to best proceed.”

Barron Park neighborhood


“I thought the reason my furnace was struggling to heat the house was because it wasn’t big enough or the ductwork was inadequate. I needed some expert advice and the Genie program seemed ideal for me. When I got the report and comprehensive thermal images, it was clear that my problem is air leaking through gaps around doors, recessed lights, pipes etc. The Genie has worked very well for me and has been well worth the nominal investment.

Midtown neighborhood

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