Due to Santa Clara County’s Shelter in Place Order, Valley Water is modifying some of their water conservation activities including: 
DIY Water Home Survey: ?Kits may be mailed to customers; a digital option is also available. 

Conservation Materials: Can be mailed once the DIY Home Water Survey has been completed. 

Waterwise Outdoor Surveys: Home visits are temporarily on hold. Customers may apply for the service and will be placed on a waitlist. Customers may submit online for rebates. 

Landscape Rebates: Onsite pre-inspections are temporarily on hold. Customers may apply for the Landscape Rebate Program and will be placed on a waitlist.  Rebates that do not require pre-inspection measurements, such as weather based irrigation controller rebates, irrigation equipment, or rainwater capture components may be processed and approved without a site visit.   

Landscape Materials: Customers may request materials from Valley Water.  

Online Resources: 
South Bay Green Gardens 
Sherri Osaka Video Series on YouTube 




Energy Rebates


The City of Palo Alto (CPAU) offers rebates on home appliances and systems that can increase your home's energy efficiency, help reduce your utility bills as well as improve the comfort of your home.


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 Water Rebates


CPAU Partners with Valley Water to deliver rebates for energy efficient landscaping upgrades as well as products and projects that reduce stormwater runoff and conserve water.

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Contact Us


For more information on energy and water rebates, contact CPAU Program & Services


Call: (650) 329-2241            Email: utilityprograms@cityofpaloalto.org