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Electric Renewable Resources

Carbon Neutral Portfolio - In 2013, City Council approved a Carbon Neutral Electric Resource Plan committing Palo Alto to using carbon neutral electric resources. 

Power Content Label - California State legislation requires all energy service providers to periodically inform their customers of the source of power they are being sold.  Such information is provided in the form of a Power Content Label. 

Solar Programs in Palo Alto - A summary of the City's involvement in solar programs.

Solar Potential Map - An interactive tool for developers that helps determine a rooftops eligibility for placement of solar panels.


Water Resources

Urban Water Management Plan - The Urban Water Management Plan is designed to assess the reliability of the City's water sources, support to our long term resource planning, and ensure adequate water supplies are available to meet existing and future water demands.

Drought Updates - Drought updates, water use restrictions, rebate opportunities and more.

Upcoming Workshops - Free workshops, from drought tolerant landscape design to greywater system installation.