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City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) Infrastructure Projects

Find information on current Utilities infrastructure projects in Palo Alto, including electric, fiber optics, gas, wastewater and water. Storm drain projects are managed by the City's Public Works Department.

Do you see steel plates on the streets? The steel plates are placed at the locations of excavation in accordance with safety regulations and in order to allow access to the underground infrastructure until the work is completely finished and excavation is backfilled. The plates on the streets are placed and maintained by either the Utilities department, contractors working for Utilities, or third-party developers.

Safety is a number one priority for CPAU!

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Current CPAU Infrastructure Projects

Customer Connections
Project Overview: Wherever there is new construction, Utilities is typically there at some point in the construction process to provide temporary and permanent power as needed.
Duration: Utilities involvement varies depending on the project and the customer's construction schedule.
Location: Various
Colorado Substation Tree Removal
Project Overview: Remove vegetation around the Colorado Substation
Duration: Construction starts in summer 2020.
Location: Colorado Avenue
Utilities Underground District 47
Project Overview: CPAU will convert the utility lines from overhead to underground. This involves the installation of new underground electric, communication, and cable TV systems, and homeowner's conversion of their services to underground so that the overhead lines and poles can be removed. 



Substructure installation: Finished
Electric System Installation: approximately spring 2017
Homeowner’s service conversion: July 2020
Communication/CATV System Installation: approximately summer 2018
Pole Removal by AT&T: Once all services have been converted to underground and all overhead facilities can be removed. 
Location: Parts of the University South and Professorville neighborhoods; areas bounded by Forest Ave, Middlefield Rd, Lincoln Ave and Cowper St.              


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