Water Service Interruption

How long will my water be off?

Your water service will only be interrupted when the water service is transferred from the old system to the new system. Water service transfer work could require interruption of your water supply for a maximum of 6 hours for any given construction work day in your area.

Why is the water main and service being replaced?

As the City's existing water distribution system ages, it becomes necessary to replace water mains and their appurtenances on a cyclic basis. Replacement becomes necessary when the existing mains and services show extensive signs of corrosion, are subject to recurring breaks which cause extensive maintenance expenditures, or when the materials of construction prove to be inadequate. In very old water systems, some mains are inadequate and unable to supply the required flows and pressures for fire protection such as those identified in your area by the City of Palo Alto Utilities Engineering Division. This Capital Improvement Project (CIP) will bring your fire flow protection to today's standards and eliminate corroded pipe from our water distribution system.