Pavement Restoration on Major Capital Improvement Projects

When will the street pavement be restored as part of the project work?

Typically, all pavement repairs will occur within two weeks after construction activity related to the sewer main and services are complete, weather permitting.

When will street/traffic markings (stop bars, cross walk striping, bike lane striping, etc.) be replaced?

Painting of the street markings is one of the last activities of a sewer main replacement project. To insure that there will not be any further excavation in the area this portion of the work is delayed until approximately four weeks after all sewer main replacement construction activities have been completed.

When will they repave my street?

Contact the Public Works Department Engineering Section to get a schedule for repaving of City streets. The contact number is (650) 329-2151.

Why doesn't the repaving look finished?

Project paving occurs in two steps, First, temporary cold asphalt mix is placed on the backfilled area to temporarily restore the roadway service. The temporary asphalt is removed and final asphalt paving is installed over the trench. The Contractor attempts to match the existing pavement but this isn't always possible. Older pavement tends to become "gray" and new asphalt is darker in color. If your street is concrete, steel plates will be placed on top of the trench in order for the concrete base to cure, prior to final restoration. All pavement repairs are installed to city standards, inspected and approved by the Public Works Department prior to completion of the contract and before final payment is made to the Contractor.