Parking During a Major Capital Improvement Project

Where can I park?

When construction is occurring on the block of your residence you will not be allowed to park in the street along this section or block of the project during working hours from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Due to the movement of construction equipment, the need to excavate in the street and overall job safety, parking is not allowed during these activities. Entering and leaving your driveway is acceptable except during construction that is directly in front of your driveway. The construction duration for any given block is usually limited to two weeks. Parking on a side street may be more convenient while construction is occurring in front of your home.

Will I be able to get in and out of my driveway during construction?

Yes, you will be able to access your driveway during the project except when excavation work blocks access to your driveway. In the event that an open excavation blocks access to your driveway and you need to get out, the Contractor will try to place a steel plate over the excavation to provide temporary access.

Why are they putting "No Parking" signs on both sides of the street?

Both sides of the street are required to provide safe open access for construction equipment movement and to inspect the installation of the new sewer main and services.

When will you fix my driveway?

The City routinely videotapes the pre-project physical condition of the public right of way and the adjacent private property improvements. If your driveway was damaged as a result of the sewer main replacement project work, it should be repaired within two weeks after completion of the construction of the sewer system in your area. If your driveway has not been repaired to pre-project condition within this timeframe please contact the Project Engineer.