Gas Service Interruption

How long will my gas be off?

Gas Service will only be interrupted when your gas meter is transferred from the old system to the new system. During this meter transfer, a test is conducted to insure that your house plumbing is not leaking. Upon a successful test of your plumbing (verification that your internal house plumbing is not leaking), the gas meter technician will attempt to notify (knock on your door) you that they are ready to relight your appliances. If you are not at home a tag will be left on your door indicating that the gas has been turned off. This notification will instruct you on how to contact Utilities Customer Service personnel who will come to your home to relight appliances. Customer service representatives are available 7 days a week, 24 hours per day (650) 329-2579.

In normal operations, your gas service should not be interrupted for over one hour.

How do I have my pilot lights relit?

Contact Utilities Customer Service at (650) 329-2579, 7 days a week, 24 hours per day and they will respond to relight your appliances.

Why does my gas service require replacement?

Materials used for natural gas piping age over time and are replaced as they reach the end of their design lives. Your gas service is constructed of materials that have been targeted for replacement. The material being installed for gas services is a medium density polyethylene (PE) pipe. This material has a service life exceeding 50 years.

Why is the gas main being replaced?

In 1991 the City of Palo Alto City Council approved the current Capital Improvement Program to replace a significant portion of the aging gas distribution system. This approval was based on the need to replace piping materials that were reaching the end of their design lives. Mains requiring high levels of maintenance were replaced first with the remainder of the targeted materials being entirely replaced by 2010.

Why is my gas meter being moved from the curb meter box at the sidewalk to the side of my house?

Curb meters are no longer commercially manufactured. Due to this lack of available meters the City of Palo Alto Utilities Department changed the policy to require all household gas meters to be placed next to residences. This relocation of the meter is beneficial for the homeowner as they are no longer responsible for the piping from curb meter box to the home.

Will my home plumbing be affected during this main replacement project?

Your home plumbing will not be affected unless your existing meter location does not meet current City standards. In the event that your gas meter must be relocated, the City or its Contractor will perform all associated work. You will receive notification stating that your meter requires relocation before the work is performed and your assistance will be required. The City will need access to your residence to perform all plumbing modifications required by the meter relocation. City Engineering and Inspection staff will coordinate the gas plumbing work with you to minimize any inconveniences.