Construction of a Major Capital Improvement Project

Will you be able to match (color/type) my driveway if you remove a piece of it?

The City or its Contractor will make every effort to match the existing driveway. This isn't always possible due to the age of the existing driveway materials.

Are they going to dig in my yard?

We will excavate to a point just upstream of the sanitary sewer cleanout. The City will restore your yard to pre-project conditions.

Are the workmen allowed to store materials (soil, pipe, rock, equipment, etc.) in City streets?

Yes, the Municipal Code allows the public right of way (street) to be used for Contractor storage while work is occurring in the immediate vicinity of the stored materials.

Are they going to remove the spray paint marks from the street, sidewalk, and my driveway? If so, when?

Yes, the Contractor is responsible for removing all spray paint marks as part of the project work. The City insures performance of this aspect of the project by retaining funds payable to the Contractor until completion of the project work.

What can I do if my sprinkler system is damaged?

Please contact the Project Engineer. The Project Engineer will verify that sprinkler system was damaged by the project work. The Contractor is responsible for damage caused by the project work and is required to repair damage caused by their work.

Will you replace damaged landscaping?

The City routinely videotapes the pre-project physical condition of the public right of way and the adjacent private property improvements. All landscaping damaged by the Contractor will be repaired/replaced. The Contractor will attempt to match the type and size of damaged plants. It isn't always possible to replace mature plants as they are not available but the Contractor and City will attempt to satisfy the customer.

What are the daily work hours for construction?

The contract for this work designates work hours to be 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM unless the work involves major arterials. The Contractor may arrive at the site earlier than this time but equipment should not be started until 8:00 AM or after. Occasionally unanticipated work must be performed which requires the Contractor to work beyond 5:00 PM but this should be very infrequent.

Why is a portable toilet in front of my house?

The Contractor must provide sanitary facilities for their workers. The portable toilet will be moved as the project work progresses through your neighborhood. If this facility is not maintained or you wish it to be moved to another location, please contact the Project Engineer.

How often does the Contractor clean the work site?

The Contractor cleans the work site at the end of each workday. If you notice that the job site is not being cleaned on a daily basis, please contact the Project Engineer.

The steel plate in front of my house is rocking creating noise. What can I do about it?

Please contact the Project Engineer. The Project Engineer will have the Contractor shim the plate edges to keep the plate from rocking. Temporary asphalt will also be placed around the edges.

Workers left trash in my yard, how do I get them to clean it up?

 Please contact the Project Engineer to have this matter corrected. Work site conditions should be kept clean. The Project Engineer will contact the Contractor to address this issue.

Is the Contractor allowed to use water from my house?

No. The Contractor is not allowed to use your water unless he gains your consent. If you notice that the Contractor is using your water, without your consent, please contact the Project Engineer.

When will the Underground Service Alert (USA) marks be removed?

At project completion, a punch list of outstanding items is generated before the project completion notice is filed with the County. If the Contractor has not removed all spray paint markings, the work will be included in the project punch list. The final payment for the contract will not be made until the spray paint marks are removed.