Selecting the right contractor is one of the most important decisions you make during the rooftop solar installation process. Here are some tips and resources to help you find, compare, and select the right contractor for your project.  

step 1 find a contractor
The City of Palo Atlo Utilities (CPAU) recommends that you get at least three bids from contractors, all with the same project specifications. Ask friends and utilize neighborhood networks to find out which solar contractors have experience installing systems in Palo Alto.  

Bay Area SunShares contractors

Since 2015, the City of Palo Alto has participated in Bay Area SunShares, an annual solar group buy program that provides vetted contractors and discounted prices for rooftop solar installations. The following contractors were selected for the 2020 SunShares program:


        Skytech Solar


        SunPower by Solar Technologies 


         Infinity Energy



step 2 navigate bids

The Home Efficiency Genie is a CPAU program that offers free, phone-based home energy advice to all Palo Alto residents. Call the Home Efficiency Genie:


              Before soliciting contractor bids: The Genie can provide advice on the size and/or specifications of systems that might make sense for              you to request from a contractor.


              After soliciting bids: The Genie can provide neutral advice and help you compare bids.


Call the Genie at (650)713-3411 or visit the Home Efficiency Genie website. 



step 3 choose the right contractor

Before choosing a rooftop solar contractor or signing a solar contract, read through these tips and guidelines.



tips for choosing contractor