Interested in going solar in Palo Alto? The City of Palo Alto (CPAU) has resources to get you started.

 Step 1: Snapshot View of Options
Use CPAU's Solar Calculator Tool to get an estimate of savings you could realize by installing a rooftop solar system and to compare your solar financing options side by side. Results are based on your rooftop characteristics, your electricity use, CPAU electricity rates and available tax credits and rebates. 

Solar Calculator Tool



Evaluate electricity needs

Installing rooftop solar is a big investment. When sizing your system, it's important to think about how your electricity needs may change over time. CPAU's Home Efficiency Genie offers free phone-based advice on topics that impact your electricity needs, like home efficiency upgrades, EV charging stations and new technologies for space and water heating with high-efficiency electric appliances. Call the Genie at            (650)713-3411.

The City also has online resources for electric vehicles and heat pump water heaters (HPWH):



Home Efficiency Genie electric vehicle heat pump water heater


Installing rooftop solar or adding electric load such as an EV charger or a heat pump water heater may require modification to your existing electric panel. Be sure to factor the costs of these potential upgrades into your total project cost.


The Genie can also help you understand the impact going solar will have on your utility bill. For more information on how installing solar affects your utility bill, click below.

Solar are your bill 



Step 3 Find a solar contractor

Get bids. CPAU recommends requesting bids from multiple solar contractors. Find a solar contractor and review our tips on what to know when hiring a solar contractor.



 find a solar contractor



step 4 select, sign and install
Once you sign your solar contract, your solar contractor will guide you through the installation process. Most solar contractors manage the City's solar permitting process for their customers. After your system passes final inspection and you have permission to operate, your utility bill will reflect that you are a solar customer. To learn more about how installing solar will affect your utility bill, visit our Solar and your Utility Bill pages.



pv permitting process

 To view Frequently Asked Questions, visit our Solar FAQ page.