Reservation Waitlist



CPAU has opened a waitlist to track NEM 1 reservation applications in the event that capacity in the original NEM (NEM1) program becomes available. NEM 1 capacity will only become available if the cumulative amount of installed and reserved capacity drops below the 10.8 megawatt NEM cap. The waitlist will be on a first-come-first-served basis. Customers will be listed on the waitlist in the order in which the customers submitted online applications through the portal. It should be noted that we do not anticipate that capacity will be freed up in the NEM 1 program. It should be noted that we do not anticipate that capacity will be freed up in the NEM 1 program.



The NEM waitlist application portal can be found here. Applications received through the online portal will be treated according to the waitlist explanation provided below. Customers who want install solar will also need to follow the procedures for the NEM Successor (NEM 2) program – applying for the NEM 1 Reservation Waitlist is parallel to that process.



Applications to the waitlist will NOT be reviewed by CPAU when they are received. CPAU will confirm that the waitlist application has been received, but a review of the application will only occur if NEM 1 capacity becomes available.



CPAU will monitor the amount of capacity available, and if additional capacity becomes open, then CPAU will check the waitlist for applicants for whom the available capacity meets or exceeds the requested capacity. CPAU will then identify, on a first-come-first-served basis, the first customer on the waitlist to meet the above criteria and evaluate that waitlist application for completeness. If there is missing information, then that customer will be removed from the waitlist and the next application on the waitlist meeting the above criteria will be processed. Applicants removed from the waitlist will need to reapply if they wish to rejoin the waitlist, and will forfeit their previous spot. Once CPAU is able to confirm that the selected application is properly completed, the customer will be informed via email that he or she has been approved to move his or her system into the NEM 1 program.



Once a customer on the NEM 1 waitlist has been informed that his or her application has been selected to be moved from the waitlist into the NEM 1 program, CPAU will take the appropriate steps to move the customer into the NEM 1 program. If the customer has not yet finished installing the photovoltaic (PV) system, final inspection will still be required within 12 months of the initial waitlist application confirmation – customers who do not meet the deadline will forfeit their NEM 1 Reservation. Please see the NEM FAQ page for information on applying for an extension. If the customer has already finished installing the PV system, then CPAU will ensure that a NEM 1-capable meter is installed and change the customer’s billing rate. The 20-year NEM 1 term will begin after the interconnection date. For not-yet-installed PV systems, the interconnection date is the date of the final inspection. For already-installed PV systems in the NEM Successor (NEM 2) program, the interconnection date is considered to be the date the billing rate is changed – so the 20 years of NEM 1 will be granted moving forward from the date the billing rate is changed. Any Interconnection Agreement that CPAU requests that the customer sign must be returned by these dates.



Customers with waitlist applications may wish to change the capacity they are attempting to reserve to reflect changes in their PV contracts. If customers want to downsize a previous waitlist application, they can submit a modification through the waitlist portal – the 12-month window to complete a final inspection would still be based on the original waitlist application date. They would maintain their current spot on the waitlist with the new, lowered capacity. If customers want to upsize a system, they can submit a modification through the waitlist portal – they would lose their current spot on the waitlist and drop down the waitlist based on when the modification application was submitted. The 12-month window to complete a final inspection would be based on this new waitlist application date – this modification is equivalent to submitting an entirely new waitlist application.



The waitlist will remain open until all pending NEM 1 Reservations are complete. Only once all pending NEM Reservation are successfully completed, and therefore no capacity can possibly be freed up, will the waitlist be closed. CPAU will inform all customers on the waitlist when it is closed.


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