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What will my utility bill look like?

As a NEM 1 customer, your utility bill will look different in a given month depending on whether you are a net generator or net consumer. Note that CPAU's utility bills only show your net import of electricity. 


Meters are read monthly. When monthly electricity consumption is less than the amount generated, NEM 1 customers receive a credit based on retail rates. The excess electricity that they receive a credit for is called "net generation."



 sample net generation month


Your net consumption is zero, so the electric usage line item will show "0 kWh" and the electric usage graph will show no bar for that billing period. 


 NEM 1 sample bill




When monthly electric consumption exceeds the amount generated, NEM 1 customers pay for electricity at the standard CPAU retail rates (E-1 for residential, E-2 for small commercial, etc.). The excess electricity they are charged for is called "net consumption".


 net consumption

The electric usage line item and bar chart will display the net electricity you consumed. 




What is a NEM statement?

If NEM 1 customers have net generation for any of the previous 12 billing periods, they receive a NEM statement in addition to their utility bill. NEM statements are mailed separate from utility bills, and they show customers' net generation as well as net metering credit balance and other information not shown on a utility bill. 



 NEM statement


 NEM Aggregation

NEM Aggregation is available for a single CPAU NEM 1 account holder with multiple electric accounts for the same parcel or adjacent parcels. NEM Aggregation means sharing the NEM 1 bill credits from a single solar installation across eligible accounts. Additional monthly charges apply for NEM Aggregation. Please see the NEM Aggregation Rate, NEM Aggregation Agreement and Rule 29 for terms and conditions.




  Contact Us

For questions about NEM 1 or your NEM Reservation, please read our NEM FAQs or call CPAU Program Services at (650) 329-2241. 

For questions about your bill, please call utilities customer service at (650) 329-2161.





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