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Bay Area Home Electrification Expo

Bay Area Home Electrification Expo

Join us at the Bay Area Home Electrification Expo!

The City of Palo Alto is partnering with several other cities, energy providers and environmental agencies in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties to host a Bay Area Home Electrification Expo. Two events are offered in the South Bay:

Thursday, October 10, 2-7pm

Mitchell Park Community Center, Palo Alto

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Saturday, October 12, 10am-4pm

The Tech Interactive (formerly the Tech Museum), San Jose

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These events are designed for homeowners, renters and building professionals to learn about building electrification.

Attendees can hear from experts about switching to all-electric energy in building construction and appliances as a way to help California reach its climate goals. You'll be able to talk with manufacturers about electric technologies that can add value and comfort to a home, as well as learn about rebates or other incentives. 

These expos are free and open to the public, but attendees are asked to register at bayareaexpo.org

About Electrification and the Expo

Electrification is the shift from fossil fuels to clean electricity for transportation, cooking, water heating, space heating and drying clothes. Electrification is critical for California to reach its climate goals.

The Bay Area Home Electrification Expo continues the work of the Global Climate Action Summit and is an adjunct to the New Buildings Institute’s Getting to Zero Forum being held October 9 through 11 in Oakland.

Download the flyer and learn more about the Bay Area’s first home electrification expo!

Last Updated: September 20, 2019