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Meter Audits and Updates

Meter Audits and Updates

The City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) is preparing for the implementation of new business information systems. These systems require specific customer meter information which CPAU is intending to inspect.

It is industry standard to conduct a comprehensive field audit prior to new business information system deployments in order to eliminate risk and extra cost overruns. The integrity and validity of meter information is critical because it is the system of record for other applications and directly affects the meter reading and billing of customers. CPAU is partnering with Professional Meters, Inc. (PMI) to conduct the first complete residential and commercial field audit.

As a result, all electric, gas and water meters will be audited in order to determine which meters require updating. This will allow for a more modernized metering system that will help the community better manage energy and water resources. To expedite the process, we ask that all meters be accessible and unobstructed. If you have a meter that cannot be accessed without your assistance, please call (650) 329-2161. These audits are expected to begin in early July.

Although customers do not need to be present for meter audits, CPAU reminds you that only PMI employees will be permitted to audit your meter. These employees will be identifiable in PMI logo t-shirts and will be driving PMI branded cars.


For answers to frequently asked questions regarding the meter upgrades, please visit www.CityOfPaloAlto.org or contact the City of Palo Alto at 1-650-329-2100.

Last Updated: June 23, 2019