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City of Palo Alto Participates in Live Demonstration of Emergency Response to Utility Line Strikes

The City of Palo Alto will be featured playing a leading role in a live demonstration emergency response event tomorrow, June 10, at the South Bay Regional Public Safety Academy at Evergreen College. Emergency responders and utilities will simulate how they address a gas and electrical utility line rupture caused by underground excavation. The goal is to create awareness of the severe consequences of utility line strikes, and to encourage active participation in policy setting and legislation by industry stakeholders through open communication and education.

Palo Alto is recognized as a leader in public safety, education, outreach and training for emergency preparedness and response. State Senator Jerry Hill, who chairs several committees on public safety, utility safety, and is spearheading the changes in California’s dig laws (OneCall Law 4216), will provide the keynote address after the live demonstration. Other guest speakers, including City of Palo Alto Utilities staff, United Contractors, and USA North 811 Call Center, will address the audience about safety standards and best practices to prevent costly and tragic accidents. Event guests will enjoy a free BBQ lunch served up by award-winning pros and an expo featuring excavation & utility industry promotional and informational booths.

The event is being organized by California Regional Common Ground Alliance (CARCGA), an industrial collective committed to damage prevention and public safety, and hosted by the Public Safety Training Consortium. Participants and guests include the California Public Utilities Commission, AT&T, United Contractors, UtiliQuest, State Contractors Licensing Board, State Fire Marshall, San Jose Fire and Police, Ghillotti Construction, West Valley Construction and more.

About California Regional Common Ground Alliance (CARCGA):  CARGA is a regional partner of the Common Ground Alliance (CGA), a member-driven association dedicated to ensuring public safety, environmental protection, and integrity of underground services since 2004. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Michael Worster at mw4298@att.com or (408) 491-0376.

About the City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU):  The City of Palo Alto operates a full suite of utility services, including water, wastewater, electric and fiber optics, natural gas, refuse and storm drain services. CPAU has won a number of awards for its safe and reliable utility operations and services. For more about CPAU’s programs, visit cityofpaloalto.org/utilities

Last Updated: June 9, 2016