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Archive of Past Workshop Presentations

Archive of Past Workshop Presentations

Disclaimer: Please note that these presentations are general in nature and is not intended to be an exhaustive review of the subject matter. The information contained in these presentations does not necessarily reflect the policies of the City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) or Bay Area Water Supply & Conservation Agency (BAWSCA).

The presentation instructor, information, products, and materials are provided as a courtesy to participants and are not endorsed by CPAU or BAWSCA.

Recent workshops:

10/5/2020: Preparing your Home for Fall

Webinar Recording

Webinar Slides

8/11/2020: Understanding and Improving Indoor Air Quality

Webinar Recording

Webinar Slides (PDF)

View select recordings from the 2019 Bay Area Home Electrification Expo.

12/7/2019: Rainwater Harvesting: Rain Gardens, Rain Barrels, and Cisterns

Workshop Recording

Presentation Slides

City of Palo Alto Stormwater Rebates

11/23/2019: Pruning and Propagating: Making New Plants from Old

Workshop Recording

Presentation Slides

09/21/2019: SunShares Workshop

Presentation Slides

06/01/2019: Maintaining Native Gardens and Leak Detection

Workshop Presentation


05/11/19: Irrigation Equipment Upgrades and Landscape Water Use Efficiency

Workshop Slides Part 1

Workshop Slides Part 2

Workshop Resources:

03/09/19: Rainwater Harvesting: Rain Gardens, Rain Barrels, and Cisterns

Workshop Slides

Workshop Resources:


12/08/18: Maintaining Native Gardens and Leak Detection

Workshop Presentation

Workshop Resources:

12/01/18: Designing Native Gardens

Workshop Slides

Workshop Resources:


10/27/18: Landscape Water Use Efficiency

Upgrading Your Irrigation System Through the Valley Water Landscape Rebate Program 

Home Efficiency Genie

Irrigation Equipment Upgrades & Landscape Water Use Efficiency 

5/26/18: Maintaining Native Gardens and Leak Detection - Presentation 1Presentation 2

3/24/18: Designing Native Gardens Presentation


3/10/2018: Graywater: Laundry to Landscape (Presentation) (FAQ)

How Green is your home? Presentation 1, Presentation 2, Presentation 3

5/24/2017: Heat Pump Water Heater Workshop

11/5/2016: Home Efficiency Genie Presentation

10/15/2016: Pruning, Propagation & Deadheading

9/24/2016: Beginners Landscape Design and Planning
                    Drought Tolerant Plants 

5/21/2016: Greywater to Green Garden Workshop Presentation

3/26/2016: Rain Barrel Workshop

9/26/2015: Rainwater Harvesting
                    Rainwater Harvesting #2
                    Greywater Presentation

8/13/2015: Water Conservation 101

6/26/15: Net Zero Workshop:

Home Efficiency  Genie Program Presentation
Net Zero Energy  workshop Presentation
Net Zero Midorihaus presentation

6/13/15:  Install it yourself native garden (checklist) (PowerPoint)

5/23/15:  Tree Care in a Drought

3/28/15Water-wise Edible Gardening, list of garden varieties, water-saving vegetables

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