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Smart, Safe and Green Fun Zone

Smart, Safe and Green Fun Zone

Safety Resources

Become a Safety Detective
Inspect your own home using this handy guide.

Name our Safety Detective Penguin!
Our Utilities penguin safety mascot needs a good name. If you have an idea, send it to us in an email along with your name and mailing address.  If we select the name you suggest, you will get a special prize.  And everyone who sends an idea will get a safety treat.

Utilities Safety Page--for grown-ups and smart kids

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Superfun Safety Videos

Kids & Pirate sing "Call 811 Before You Dig" song

Pirates, Fairies, Workers & A Penguin sing "Call 811 Before You Dig" song

Kids tell you "What Not to Flush Down Toilets!"

CPAU Asks You! What do you do if you smell a Gas Leak? 

“Private Eye Plug”—adventures of an electric safety detective 

Electricity & Natural Gas Safety World


Cool Conservation Videos

Vampire Loads--stop the evil wasters in their tracks!--Utilities staff dressed as vampires dance to help make the point! 

Carbon Free Electricity--rock out with this rap--local Gunn High School senior Sean Lee helped us celebrate the City's decision to only buy "green" electricity.

Carbon Free Palo Alto--some local high school students explain how to go beyond "green electricity" and make this town completely free of carbon emissions.

CPAU Asks You!  Dishwasher vs. Hand Washing?--people on the street say which method saves the most water.

CPAU Asks You!  Bath vs. Shower?--people on the street say which activity uses less water

Saving Natural Gas to Save the Earth--high school kids in New Jersey made this one!


Request free safety & efficiency items!

Choose from the list below, then click this link!

In your email, please include your name, the mailing address we should send your items to and a list the items you want

  • Home Safety Detective Kit --you'll get this guide along with a bunch of cool tools when you request this kit.  Then investigate around your house for possible hazards that need fixing!
  • Water-Smart Check List---print or request a copy of this guide to check for ways to use water more efficiently in your house and garden---water you waiting for? 
  • LED night light(glows 24/7 for pennies a year)
  • LED keychain (makes a handy portable flashlight)
  • Shower timer  (keep track of your time so you don't overdo it!)
  • Water drop sponge (looks flat, but drop it in water--voila!)
  • Efficient showerhead (high pressure and low flow make for a great shower while conserving water)
  • Faucet aerator (cuts faucet water waste)
  • Solar Program sunglasses (protect your eyes and have a handy reference for learning about all the City's solar programs)
  •  Utilities kazoo (blow it when you see something unsafe or wasteful!)
  • Safety tips notepad (water, gas & electric safety info plus room to write) 
  • Efficiency tips notepad (water, gas & electric conservation info plus room to write)
  • Fun with the Lorax  (cool energy saving game brochure featuring Dr. Suess' famous character)
  • Electric Outlet Plugs (keep little kids from sticking bad stuff into outlets with these handy stoppers)


Last Updated: September 17, 2014