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Planned Electrical Outages for System Improvements

Planned Electrical Outages for System Improvements

City of Palo Alto Outage Map Power outage? Click here for up-to-date restoration status. This new Outage Management System will allow us to better track and respond to power outages throughout the City. Be sure to check back here for the most up-to-date information on outages and system restoration.

City of Palo Alto Outage Map

Planned Outages for Electrical System Upgrades/Improvements:
None at this time.

  • CHANGE TO POSTING POLICY: Out of consideration for the privacy of impacted customers we are no longer posting address information for minor planned outages.  The affected customers, as always, will be notified directly.    
  • FREE MAGNET--have a handy list of important contact numbers and weblinks available whenever you need us.  Send an email with your name and snail mail address or call (650) 329-2479 to request one.  
  • Midtown--a project is underway to upgrade the Midtown area electric equipment, including moving underground vaults to above-ground pads. The upgrade will increase the capacity and improve the reliability of City of Palo Alto's electric system which will mean better service to more customers. As part of this project, some customers will experience planned power shut-downs lasting up to 8 hours on a couple of days to allow workers to connect up new equipment safely.  Those customers will get direct advance notice of the planned outages.

Last Updated: April 8, 2013