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Lead and Copper Monitoring


Monitoring the City's water quality is a very important part of providing safe and reliable water to our customers.

As part of this effort, and with the assistance of residents who volunteer their homes as sample sites, Lead and Copper Monitoring is performed by the City of Palo Alto per State requirements to ensure that all Action Levels (AL) and Public Health Goals (PHG) are met.

Would you be willing to help us by allowing your home to be a sample collection site?  

The City of Palo Alto seeks up to 40 participants every three years to allow us to sample their home for lead and copper. To learn more about our Lead and Copper Monitoring Program or to add your home to a list of volunteer sampling residences, please call (650) 496-6940 or send us an email.


  • The Environmental Protection Agency supplies excellent information on the issues surrounding lead and copper in the water supply.  Click here on LEAD  or  COPPER to read more.
  • Each summer the City of Palo Alto issues a report summarizing the water quality monitoring results from the previous year.  Review the 2016 Annual Water Quality Report for 2015.

Last Updated: June 21, 2017