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Water Cloudiness Does Not Impact Safety

Palo Alto residents may notice a slight change in water quality in January of each year as a result of routine maintenance conducted on the Hetch Hetchy water system by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). Water quality remains high throughout.

The SFPUC, which provides water to Palo Alto, typically completes this necessary maintenance early in the calendar year.  This maintenance may temporarily cause water turbidity resulting in the water having a cloudy or milky appearance caused by air bubbles created in the transport process; this may be most noticeable in January.

The water remains completely safe for drinking and other uses; however, water customers may notice that in addition to the cloudy appearance, the water may be slightly discolored, or may have a slightly different taste or odor. Customers are advised to let water sit for a few seconds after pouring it out of the tap to allow the air bubbles to settle.

The temporary change in water supply is caused by maintenance and expected to last through most of the month of January. CPAU personnel will continue to monitor the situation and work with the SFPUC to furnish the high quality Hetch Hetchy water to Palo Altans. The cloudy appearance will dissipate when Hetch Hetchy supplies reach the Bay Area after the completion of work in February.

For more information, visit the SFPUC web site at
http://www.sfwater.org  or call CPAU Water Transmission at (650) 496-6967.  

Last Updated: February 15, 2013