WMR 27

Purpose: Replace asbestos cement and other aging pipelines with high density polyethylene mains.

Scope: The work to be performed under the contract includes installation of approximately 5,032 linear feet of new water mains of various sizes, 35 new water services, 11 new fire hydrants, 12 gate valves and one 18” butterfly valve. The new main sizes range from 8” to 18” in diameter.  The new mains will be installed by horizontal directional drilling and open trench methods.  
Please review the project map for the specific project locations.

Contract Amount: $4,146,435.00
Contractor:  Ranger Pipelines, Inc.
Project Manager (City): Robert Item, (650) 566-4513
Engineer (City): Marina Ezrina, (650) 566-4519
Field Inspector (City): TO BE DETERMINED

24-hours Utilities Water-Gas-Wastewater Emergencies:  Dispatch, (650) 329-2413 

Project Schedule:  
The project duration is approximately 8 months, or 142 working days.  
Construction is scheduled to start in October 2019.
Weather delays may impact duration of construction.  

Working Hours: Work typically will be performed Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
There are restricted work hours applied to major streets and streets within certain proximity of schools.