Wastewater Standard Details

 NOTE: Updated "2013" standard details below are available upon request from contacting Engineering at (650) 566-4504.  As time permits, links to downloadable versions will be placed on this page.

These Standards shall govern the requirements for design and construction of all water, gas, and wastewater utility facilities within the City of Palo Alto. Private utilities on private property are under the jurisdiction of the City's Planning Department, Building Inspection Division. All WGW utility projects within the City's public right of way (including gas services up to and encompassing the gas meter) shall conform to these standards and the
Public Works Standard Drawings and Specifications unless otherwise approved in writing by the Water-Gas-Wastewater Engineering Manager.

These documents can also be purchased in book form at Revenue Collections, 1st floor, 250 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301; (650) 329-2317. For any questions regarding utility requirements, call (650) 566-4501.

General Standard Detail Description

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Standard Detail No.

Water, Gas, Sewer Main & Service Location

WGW - 01

Trench Backfill

WGW - 02

Trench Backfill for Shallow Water Mains

WGW - 03

Pipe Bedding

WGW - 04

Commercial Bollard Standard Detail

WGW - 05

Residential Bollard Standard Detail

WGW - 06

Gas and Water Valve Concrete Collar

WGW - 07

Water - Sewer Separation Criteria

WGW - 08

Wastewater Standard Detail Description

Standard Detail No.

Sanitary Sewer Cleanout Type 1

WWD - 01

Sanitary Sewer Cleanout Type 2

WWD - 02

SS Cleanout Box - Type 1

WWD - 03

SS Cleanout Box - Type 2

WWD - 04

SS Lateral Connection Table

WWD - 05

Schematic SS Lateral Connection - 1

WWD - 06

Schematic SS Lateral Connection - 2

WWD - 07

Lateral Connection for Tap-Tite or Equal

WWD - 08

Sanitary Sewer Manhole (For Pipes Up to 30" Diameter)

WWD - 09

Sanitary Sewer Manhole (For Pipes 31" to 42" Diameter)

WWD - 10

Outside Drop

WWD - 11

Sanitary Sewer Manhole Frame and Cover

WWD - 12

Plastic Pipe Manhole Sign

WWD - 13

Sanitary Sewer Manhole Convert One 6" Lateral to Two 4" Laterals

WWD - 14

Strap on Multiple Lateral Connections to Sewer Pipes

WWD - 15