Wastewater Project 24/25/26

Project 24/25/26:

Project overview:

Replacement of approximately 42,793 linear feet (lf) of sewer mains (pipebursting)
Replacement of approximately 2,148 lf of sewer mains (opencut)
Rehabilitation of approximately 1,640 lf of sewer mains (CIPP)
Installation/replacement of 130 sewer manholes
Replacement of approximately 485 sewer laterals (pipebursting)
Replacement of approximately 360 sewer laterals (opencut)

Project Location Map

The contractor involved in this project is Precision Engineering, Inc.

From the City of Palo Alto, the lead engineer is:

Darija Borkovic
City of Palo Alto, Utilities Engineering/WGW
1007 Elwell Court
Palo Alto, CA 94303
(650) 566-4507
Department line: (650) 566-4501

Construction started October 2015

Construction ended April 2017