Project 18/19A--Gas Main Replacement

Project 18/19A - Gas Main Replacement Capital Improvement Project

Project GS-08011/GS-09002

Project Location Map
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Scope: The work to be performed under the contract includes installation of about 38,563 linear feet of new 2", 4", 6", 8" polyethylene (PE) gas mains, 259 new customer services, and service stubs to reconnect 53 existing customer PE services. In some cases, relocation of natural gas meters from their present locations to new locations will be required to comply with the safety requirements as specified by the City's Utilities Standards. The relocation of gas meters usually involves a modification of the customer's house gas plumbing system to accommodate a new gas meter location. Customers whose gas meters are to be relocated will receive an individual written notification at least two weeks in advance of work being performed. Please review the attached maps for the project locations.

Contract Amount: $4,042,637.15
Contractor:  Daleo, Inc.
Project Manager (Contractor): Joe Franke, (408) 639-1133
Project Manager (City): Aleksandr Pishchik, (650) 566-4521
Project Engineer (City): Liza Sorin, (650) 566-4537
Field Inspector (City): Andre Rodriguez, (650) 740-2451
After hours: CPA Communications, (650) 329-2413
Project Schedule: Originally from July 5, 2011 through November 30, 2012; however, weather and other delays have extended this schedule into early 2013. 

For precise information regarding work on your street, please contact Project Engineer.

Working Hours: Work will be performed Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm.