Rebuild Underground District No. 24

Rebuild Underground District No. 24

This City of Palo Alto Utilities Department (CPAU) project will redesign and rebuild the underground electric system in a portion of the University Avenue downtown area.


Much of the electric equipment in the University Avenue downtown area was installed in 1983 when Utility Underground District 24 was installed. This equipment is approaching the end of its design life and is in need of replacement before it starts to experience failures. This work is necessary to help ensure electric service reliability and is for the benefit of all customers in the area.


The project involves the redesign of the underground electric system to current design practices; replacement, where necessary, of cables, switches, transformers, and associated equipment; and installation of circuit protection devices to limit the impact of distribution system electrical problems. A majority of the substructure (conduit & boxes) is complete.

The work will be in the area bounded by Lytton Avenue, Bryant Street, Homer Avenue, and Alma Street. At times it may be necessary to block portions of the street to facilitate the installation or replacement of the electrical equipment. CPAU will make all attempts to limit scheduled power outages to after hours or weekends. Impacted customers will be given advance notification of scheduled power outages when new equipment must be connected to the electrical system.

Our goal is to continue to provide dependable electric service to our customers. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and patience during the construction period, and are looking forward to the reliability improvement this project will provide.


City of Palo Alto Utilities Electric Engineering 
Phone: (650) 566-4500

After Hours in an Emergency: CPA Communications, (650) 329-2413

Tentative Schedule

We expect work to be completed in September 2018.


Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm, or after hours as necessary.