Electric Underground District No. 45 - Capital Improvement Project

Project Location Map

Utility Underground District 45

Scope: The underground conversion project involves building a new underground electric, telephone, and CATV distribution system in the public right-of-way (streets, planting strip & sidewalk), and in the existing or new public utility easements.  The new underground system will require installing conduits, vaults, concrete pads for transformers and switches, service boxes, cable, and equipment.  

The main lines are typically installed in the street.  Pad mounted transformers will be located in an easement back from the sidewalk.  Individual service boxes for property owners to connect to the underground system will be located in the planting strip, sidewalk or the easement back of the sidewalk.  With the exception of CATV pedestals, and pad mounted transformers, all of the new distribution system will be underground.

Once the new underground system has been installed and energized, property owners will be required to convert their present overhead service to underground.  The property owner's work consists of installing three or more conduits (electric, telephone, and CATV) from the designated service point to the building or present meter location and installing the electric service cables.  Properties that already have existing underground services and have conduits stubbed out in the front side of the property will require installing only the cables from the designated service box to the existing electric panel.

Contract Amount: $1,703,678
Contractor: West Valley Construction
Project Manager (Contractor): Steve Siegman (650) 364-9464
Project Manager (City): Jim Bujtor, (650) 566-4543
Project Engineer (City): Henry Nguyen, (650) 566-4539
Field Inspector (City): Juan Colin (650) 496-6936
After hours: CPA Communications, (650) 329-2413

Project Schedule:
Construction of substructure - Done
Installation of underground distribution - Done
Service Conversion from overhead to underground by property owners - Done
Pole removal – Finished Spring 2015

 For precise information regarding work schedule on your street, please contact Project Engineer.

Working Hours: Work will be performed Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Electric Service Underground Conversion Specifications