Business Water Conservation

 Due to Santa Clara County public health order directives, some programs and services have been modified.

  • For information on energy efficiency and other CPAU programs, please contact us at or (650) 329-2241.
  • For information on water conservation programs, please visit the Valley Water website, contact the Valley Water Conservation Unit at or by calling and leaving a message at (408) 630-2554.


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Photo by Elizabeth Dougherty, PhDLandscape Irrigation Survey
Landscape Rebate
High-Efficiency Toilet/Urinal Direct Installation


Water Conservation 

 The City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) partners with Valley Water to offer free services and rebates so you can enjoy, protect and use water wisely. For more information about water and energy savings, including free surveys of your business operations, please contact your Account Representative or call CPAU Marketing Services at (650) 329-2241.

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Water Conservation for Businesses

Green Building Program
Efficiency incentives are available for designing and building beyond the Title 24 requirements. Visit the City’s Green Building webpagefor information on program requirements, applications and rebates.

Landscape Water Use Survey
Free landscape irrigation surveys are available for select non-residential facilities with a minimum of 1/2 acre of irrigated landscape or 1000 CCF of annual irrigation water usage. The survey includes site-specific recommendations for improving irrigation system efficiency and analysis of potential water and cost savings.  It also qualifies sites to participate in the Landscape Rebate Program.  Visit the Valley Water webpage for additional information on the program. To schedule a Landscape Survey, contact your Account Representative or the Water Conservation Hotline at (408) 630-2554.

Landscape Conversion Rebate

Santa Clara County single family homes and multi-family and business properties can receive rebates for replacing qualifying high water using landscape (i.e. irrigated turf or functional swimming pool) with a qualifying low water using landscape under the Landscape Conversion Rebate. Visit the Valley Water website for details and to apply. 

Free High-Efficiency Toilet (HET) and Urinal (HEU) Direct Installation
Businesses, schools and apartment buildings with tank-type and flush-valve toilets that flush at 3.5 gallons per flush (gpf) or greater can receive free high efficiency toilets that flush at 1.28 gpf or less.  Facilities with urinals that flush at 1.0 gpf or greater can receive a free flush valve retrofit kit, which reduces the flush volume to 0.5 gpf.  Installation is included in this free service.

Visit the SCVWD webpage for more information on this free direct install program.

To schedule a free HET or urinal flush valve kit installation, call Southwest Environmental at (800) 307-5700.

For more information about business rebates that may be available, visit the Valley Water webpage and contact Karen Koppett at (408) 630-2707 or for program updates and availability.