Automated Bank Draft


Simplify your life by paying your monthly City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) bill directly from your checking account. Use our convenient Automatic Bank Drafting service; it's free of charge to Palo Alto residents and businesses.Sign up now by completing and mailing the Bank Draft Application with your voided check to:

City of Palo Alto Utilities
Customer Service Center – 2nd Floor
250 Hamilton Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Your bank drafting may begin as soon as your next statement, however, continue to pay your bill until you see the words "Do not pay[Bank Drafted]" printed on your monthly statement. As a participant, you receive a monthly CPAU bill for your records. Then, five days prior to the bill due date, your checking account will be automatically debited and your utility account credited. For more information about this service, call the Customer Service Center at (650) 329-2161 for additional assistance or send us an email

Note: Please allow two utility billing cycles (2 months) so that both CPAU and your banking institution can assure on your behalf that a safe, accurate and reliable process of bank drafting to pay your utility bill has been put in place.