Free Shuttle Program

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SERVICE DELAY NOTICE: Due to construction on University Avenue, shuttle programs may encounter service delays. Pick up and drop off times may be altered due to traffic. Please plan accordingly in connection with the transportation hub schedule.

About the Shuttle Program

The City of Palo Alto’s Shuttle is free and open to everyone. All shuttles are wheelchair accessible but wheelchairs must have a working brake system. Shuttles are also equipped with bicycle racks on the exterior of the vehicle and can accommodate up to two conventional bicycles. Shuttle stops are marked with a “Palo Alto Shuttle” sign, a sticker on a regular VTA bus stop sign, or a “Shuttle” decal on a stop sign pole in residential areas.

The Embarcadero Shuttle

The Embarcadero Shuttle, operated by the Caltrain Commuter Shuttle Program, provides peak hour service between the University Avenue Caltrain Station and the Baylands Business Parks east of Highway 101/Embarcadero. Local schools and community facilities are also served in between including Palo Alto High School, Jordan Middle School and Castilleja School. The Embarcadero Shuttle runs approximately every 15 minutes, Monday through Friday from the Palo Alto Caltrain station to the Embarcadero/Baylands during commute hours (7AM to 10AM and 3:30PM to 7:00PM) and is coordinated with the Caltrain schedule.

DOWNLOAD: Embarcadero Shuttle Schedule (effective April 10, 2019)

The Crosstown Shuttle

The Crosstown Shuttle operated by MV Transportation and managed by the City of Palo Alto, connects the University Avenue/Downtown to South Palo Alto at Charleston Road. The Crosstown Shuttle traverses several residential neighborhoods, schools, senior residences, libraries, recreation centers, and commercial districts helping to link public service areas within the community. A Special School run operates during the morning and afternoons to help encourage alternative transportation options for students.

DOWNLOAD: Crosstown Shuttle Schedule (effective August 15, 2016)

Additional Transit Information in Palo Alto

Stanford Marguerite Shuttle – Marguerite is Stanford’s free public shuttle service, which travels around campus and connects to nearby transit, shopping, dining, and entertainment.

VTA – The Valley Transportation Authority provides low cost fare based transit service for residents in Santa Clara County.