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Neighborhood Traffic Safety & Bicycle Boulevard Projects

The Neighborhood Traffic Safety and Bicycle Boulevard (NTSBB) Projects built out the city's bicycle boulevard network and provide traffic calming to create low-stress bicycle routes in Palo Alto. These Council-approved projects enhance local Palo Alto streets to reduce automobile speeds and to prioritize safety for pedestrians and bicyclists. This work is split in to two phases.

Project Status:

NTSBB Phase 1 was partially constructed in 2018.

NTSBB Phase 2 is on hold.  

Phase 1 is discussed in this blog post from January 8, 2020: Palo Alto Bicycle Boulevards Update. It was also discussed in a staff report that went to the City Council meeting on February 24, 2020.

This staff report contains an evaluation of the data and community feedback that leads to recommendations for modifications of the existing project and a path to move forward with pending bicycle boulevard projects. The recommendations include signing and striping modifications to implement the traffic control changes at the intersection of Ross Road and E Meadow Drive and intersections of Moreno Ave, Fielding Avenue and Amarillo Avenue on Louis Road. These changes are planned to be performed from November 9 -13, 2020

The prioritization of pending bicycle boulevard projects (both phases) will be brought to the City Council following community outreach and input. 

Project Documents
 ""  City of Palo Alto Bicycle + Pedestrian Transportation Plan
   Neighborhood Traffic Safety & Bicycle Boulevard Project FAQs (with pictures)
   Neighborhood Traffic Safety & Bicycle Boulevard Project FAQs

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