Multi-Family Residences Toolkit


California law requires multi-family residential dwellings of five units or more to recycle.

Additionally, in 2005, the Palo Alto community adopted the goal of Zero Waste (virtually no waste burned or buried) by 2021. To achieve this goal we need to eliminate waste wherever possible and manage the discards we do have through reuse, recycling and composting.

Listed below are resources we offer to help you comply with state law and the community’s Zero Waste goal:

 "" Zero Waste Guide for Apartments and Condominiums: This guide is a set of Best Management Practices (BMPs) gathered from multi-family residential complexes all over the nation. Use it to help you map out your Zero Waste Plan!
 "" Program Brochure
 "" Sample Tenant Letter
 "" Sample Articles - for newsletters, flyers, notices and/or other communication
 "" Recycling and Composting Flyers - for posting (e.g., waste enclosures, bulletin boards) and distributing to residents
 "" What's in Palo Alto Multi-Family Complexes' Garbage? - Link to our 2013 Waste Characterization Study
"" Monitoring Worksheet - Monitor your containers for fullness, contamination and any changes in cost. 'Right-size' your bins because over-filled bins can cause litter that pollutes our local waterways and the Bay.
"" GreenWaste Service Guide 

Technical Assistance: GreenWaste can meet with you to evaluate your current program, share Best Management Practices (BMPs), discuss site-specific issues, explain the services offered by GreenWaste and review the outreach toolkit items available to you. They will then work with you on any service changes you may need and conduct staff trainings. They will also help you implement any BMPs you believe are appropriate for your complex and help you kick-off your outreach efforts.

Please contact GreenWaste at (650) 493-4894 or to set up a meeting and take advantage of the services available to you.

"" California Mandatory Commercial Recycling Law