ReFuel Your Fun - Reusable Propane Cylinder

 Refillable cylinders

ReFuel Your Fun: Choose Refillable Propane Cylinders 

Gear up for greener grilling, eco-conscious camping, and tailgating with less trash – switch from disposable to reusable propane cylinders. They are an ideal solution for outdoor recreation enthusiasts and grill masters alike.

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ReFuel Your Fun Video

Check out this great video that explains why switching to reusable 1lb. cylinders is important.


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Where You Can Buy or Refill Reusable Cylinders

Retailers In or Near Palo Alto


George's Fuel & Auto Repair - Sunnyvale

996 W. Evelyn Ave., Sunnyvale
Sells, refills and exchanges cylinders

Sports Basement - Sunnyvale

1177 Kern Ave., Sunnyvale
(408) 732-0300
Sells and exchanges cylinders
(free exchange for members)


For more locations, visit RefuelYourFun


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Single-Use vs. Reusable Cylinders


Every year, 40 million single-use 1-pound propane cylinders are discarded in North America. Improper disposal of these cylinders leads to costly accidents during waste collection and creates litter in recreational areas. Over 20,000 cylinders per year litter Yosemite National Park alone, posing a risk for wildfires. 

Benefits of reusable cylinders:

  • Reduces millions of pounds of metal packaging waste, reducing the impact on landfills and the environment.
  • Refillable propane cylinders can be used hundreds of times and have a lifespan of up to 12 years.
  • Save money by purchasing the gas, not the packaging.

Using reusables is a form of waste reduction and is better than recycling. It conserves natural resources, saves money, and will help our community reach its Zero Waste and climate protection goals.


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