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Recycle, Compost and Landfill Collection Changes

Recycle, Compost and Landfill Collection Changes

New collection vehicles and collection route changes will affect some Palo Alto residents starting September 1, 2015.

New, Fully-Automated Collection Vehicles
GreenWaste of Palo Alto has acquired new fully-automated collection trucks equipped with an extension arm for grabbing collection carts. This new arm allows them to reduce from two person crews to a single person. The new vehicles are more efficient, safer for collection personnel and will reduce program costs.

The new trucks require:

  • Replacement of private garbage cans – The new trucks can only pick up wheeled carts. They are not designed to pick up any other type of containers. GreenWaste of Palo Alto will supply all residents currently using private garbage cans with new black garbage carts, free of charge.
  • Setting collection carts out on the street – The new collection truck "arm" only has a 12 foot reach and will require each resident to place their carts on the street (at the curb). Many residents already place their carts on the street for collection, which is the standard location for cart set-outs for most surrounding cities. Not all areas are conducive to carts on the street. GreenWaste will be working with those hard to serve areas. For more information and cart placement guidelines, visit

    Balancing Out the Collection Routes
    Collection routes have not changed in over 30 years, yet the number of customers serviced each day has increased significantly as more housing has been constructed. There is now a need to balance the number of households that are collected each day. These route changes will make the collection routes more efficient and reduce collection crew overtime, thereby improving safety.

    GreenWaste of Palo Alto will be notifying all affected residents prior to route changes using direct mail and cart notices. Visit for a map of the new collection routes and to confirm your collection service day.

Last Updated: August 7, 2015