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Giving Gifts This Year?

Giving Gifts This Year?

Present them in style, not in wrapping paper.

Be creative! Spare your wallet and the waste this season by reusing "stuff" you already have in your home to give your gifts extra personality.

Here are some easy alternatives:

  • Reusable gift bags: save bags you've received and pass them along.
  • Newspaper comics: give the outside of the gift a chuckle — and they are fully recyclable, too!
  • Holiday tins & baskets: give them new life filled with holiday treats.
  • Gift cards: hole punch the corner, and with a reusable ribbon, tie it around a plant, jar of candy, or another small gift — anything simple that relates to the gift card.
  • Give an adventure: give the gift of an experience — no waste and lots of fun!

Last Updated: November 5, 2012