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Zero Waste Block Leaders

Zero Waste Block Leaders

Local Zero Waste 'Experts' To Answer Your Questions & Foster Neighborhood Efforts

Zero Waste is a community effort that is much more than just recycling. It's about eliminating waste wherever possible first and then managing discards through reuse and recycling. This is a big change from how we have traditionally dealt with waste.

Big changes can be confusing and difficult. Recycling alone has gotten much more confusing with all the different types of products and packaging today. The new Zero Waste Block Leader Program has been created to help. Zero Waste Block Leaders are neighborhood Zero Waste 'experts,’ local resources to help answer your questions and foster neighborhood efforts.

Zero Waste Block Leaders:

  • Answer recycling and reuse questions
  • Share information about the Zero Waste system and how it relates to every day life
  • Disseminate information about upcoming events, issues and offerings
  • Relay community concerns to the City
  • Foster neighborhood waste reduction projects (e.g., host a Zero Waste Party Pack)
  • Attend meetings twice a year for program updates, training, exchange of best practices and networking with other Zero Waste Block Leaders

For more information email or call (650) 496-5910.

Last Updated: March 5, 2012