Airport Apron Reconstruction Project



Project Description

The Palo Alto Airport (PAO) is a general aviation field owned and operated by the City of Palo Alto located within a half mile of Highway 101. This project provides funding for the design and reconstruction of the PAO apron in multiple phases within the existing footprint. Design commenced in 2016 and was completed in 2017. Construction began in 2018 and is expected to be complete in 2021. Construction of Phase I was completed in June 2018. Invitation for bids for Phase II were sent out June 2018. The City awarded the contract to DeSilva Gates Construction LP. 

While Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grants will fund 90% of design and construction costs, staff will pursue other funding opportunities to offset the City obligation for the remaining 10% where available. Additionally, the FAA will use the average apron Pavement Condition Index (PCI) information to prioritize the PAO against other airport applicants. Due to the condition of the airport infrastructure, staff anticipates the Palo Alto Airport will rank high ineligibility for grant funding of this project.

Scope of Work
  The Airport Apron Reconstruction project is a four-phase project. The pavement surfaces at the airport are failing and uneven. The City conducted a Pavement Management Study in Fiscal Year 2015 to determine pavement condition index (PCI) and to assist in prioritization of pavement improvement projects. The need to reconstruct the aircraft parking apron is critical to airport safety. Based on visual inspection, using the pavement condition index (PCI) criteria, the average apron PCI value is 36, which indicates a need for a full pavement reconstruction.  
Project Status 

Construction of Phase II is anticipated to begin October/November 2018 by DeSilva Gates Construction LP. 


Project Construction Phases

  • Phase I: 2018
  • Phase II: 2019
  • Phase III: 2020
Project Documents
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Project Manager: James Wadleigh