Fire Station No. 3 Replacement Project

Fire Station No. 3

Project Description

Fire Station No. 3, located at 799 Embarcadero Road in Palo Alto is a wood framed structure built in 1948 and is approximately 3,500 sf. The new Fire Station No. 3 will replace the aging Fire Station No. 3 and will meet current California Building Codes (CBC), Essential Services Building Seismic Safety Act, American with Disabilities Act (ADA), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and OSHA standards. Per City Council policy established in 2007, the building will be designed to attain LEED Silver Certification.  

The Fire Station No. 3 Replacement project is a Council Infrastructure Plan project and is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.  Fire Station No. 4 Replacement Project, located at 3600 Middlefield Road, is next in line when funding is available.  

Scope of Work

The project includes installation of a Temporary Fire Station No. 3, located at 2000 Geng Road,  in order to maintain essential services to the public for a period of up to two years. 

"" An existing ‘stealth’ wireless communication facility (WCF) ‘flagpole’ located on the site will be removed, replaced, and relocated.  A separate Architectural Review Application will be required for the new WCF. Further information will be provided when available.
Upcoming Meetings


To keep our community safe and limit the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)  the Fire Station 3 Open House and Grand Opening Ceremony, on March 21st at 12 pm to 2 pm has been CANCELLED.
For more information please read the News Detail:

 City Implements Actions to Keep Community Safe, Limit Coronavirus Spread

Project Status

Design and Construction timeline

View the November 2019 Monthly Status Report
Project Documents
 "" October 2019 Monthly Status Report
  September 2019 Monthly Status Report
  August 2019 Monthly Status Report 


July 2019 Monthly Status Report 
  June 2019 Monthly Status Report
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  March 2, 2017 Architectural Review Board Staff Report ID# 7700
December 2015 City Council Staff Report ID# 6299
April 2005 Fire Station 3 and 4 Replacement Needs Assessment Study Final Report
December 2002 Palo Alto Fire Stations Seismic Evaluation Final Report 
Contact Information
   Public Works Engineering Services Division  
   Project Manager: Matt Raschke,  

Fire Station No. 3

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