Public Works Standard Drawings and Specifications

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 Dwg No.  Description
Curb Ramps, Curb and Gutters, Valley Gutters, Sidewalks, and Driveways
101  Curb Ramp With 4’-2” Landing
102  Curb Ramp Without 4’-2” Landing
103  Directional Curb Ramp
104  Two Curb Ramp Corner
105  Curb Ramp Notes and Cross-sections
120  Driveway Construction, Type "A" Curb and Gutter
121  Driveway Construction, Type "B" Curb and Gutter
122  Driveway Construction, Type "A" Curb with Adjacent Sidewalk
123  Historical Radius Driveway Type “A” Curb & Gutter
124  Driveway Cross-sections, Type “A” Curb & Gutter
125  Driveway Cross-sections, Type “B” Curb & Gutter
131  Valley Gutter, Type "A" Integral Curb and Gutter
132  Valley Gutter, Type "B" Integral Curb and Gutter
132A  Valley Gutter, Asphalt Concrete Streets
132B  Valley Gutter at Street Intersections, Barron Park
133  Vertical Curb and Gutter, Type "A" Construction Detail
134  Rolled Curb and Gutter, Type "B" Construction Detail
135  Vertical Curb and Gutter, Type "A" Saw-Cutting Detail
136  Rolled Curb and Gutter, Type "B" Saw-Cutting Detail
137  Vertical Curb
138  Type “A” to Type “B” Curb & Gutter Transition
141  Sidewalk Construction
142  Transition from 3’ Gutter to 2’ Gutter
Street Cross-Sections
201  Minimum Street Standards, Flat Areas
201A  Roadway Cross Sections
201B  Roadway Cross Sections
203  Speed Table
203A  Speed Table Striping Details
301  Catch Basin Installation, Type "A" Curb
302  Catch Basin Installation, Type "B" Curb
303  Standard Hood, Frame & Grate
304  Catch Basin, Away from Curb
311  Manhole Frame and Cover
312  Manhole, Standard Precast Smaller than 36”
313  Storm Manhole, Standard Precast Pipe 36” and Larger
314  Storm Manhole for Shallow Pipe Locations (36” Cover or Less)
321  Curb Outlet for Gravity Flow
322  Curb Outlet for Pump Discharge
323  Bubbler Box
331  Pipe Repair Detail for Storm Drain
332  Fiber Rolls
401  Trenches, Typical Cross-Sections
402  Conduit Location Detail, Telecommunications
403  Trenches Limits of Restoration
404  Trench Plates
405  Trench Plates
501  Irrigation: Pedestal Mount Controller
502  Irrigation: Exterior Wall Mount Controller
503  Irrigation: Trenching
504  Irrigation: Trenching Near Trees
505  Irrigation: Wire Connectors
506  Irrigation: Remote Control Valve
507  Irrigation: Quick Coupling Valve
508  Irrigation: Gate Valve
509  Irrigation: Pop Up Spray Head
510  Irrigation: Pop Up Bubbler for Shrubs and Trees
511  Irrigation: Solar Powered Irrigation Controller
512  Irrigation: Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly (RPPA)
513  Irrigation: Bubbler Installation for Trees in Ground Cover and other Areas
513A  Irrigation: Drip Loop System for Trees in Ground Cover, Other Areas
601  Tree Well Details
601A  Tree Grate & Installation Details
602  Street Tree Planting with Engineered Soil Mix
603  Tree Detail Planter Strip
604  Root Channel Sidewalk Base
604A  Reinforced Sidewalk
605  Tree Protection During Construction
606  Precast Waffle Drainage Structure
606A  Precast Waffle Drainage Structure General Notes
701  Survey Monument Frame, Cover, Installation
702  Steel Bollard
703  Removable Steel Bollard
704  Signage and Mounting Details
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