Boulware Park And Birch Street Property Renovation Project


Community Survey

Please use the link below to access the Community Survey.


The survey allows the community to provide input about which park facilities they would like to see maintained or added to Boulware Park and the newly purchased vacant property adjacent (AT&T Site). Additional facilities have been added to the online survey per input received at the community meeting, held on November 9, 2019. Facility board results can be viewed below. 

Project Description 

The Boulware Renovation Capital Improvement Project was initially set up to focus improvements on the existing Boulware Park parcels.  With the recent purchase of the Birch Street Property the scope of the park project has expanded to include this new parcel.  The City will embark on a community based design process to improve and renovate both parcels into open park space  for community use.  The initial Boulware renovation project focused on playground replacement, irrigation repair, ADA improvements and new site furnishing.  These elements will remain part of the overall project scope, but how they will be positioned in the expanded park setting will be determined by community input and direction. 


For more information contact Project Manager Peter Jensen: or at 650.617.3183. 

Upcoming Meetings
The second community meeting will be held in January/February of 2020. Please check back for an exact date and time. Mailers and email notifications will be sent out prior to the meeting date.  
Past Meetings and Feedback

A community meeting was held on Saturday November 9, 2019, to provide the community with an opportunity to share their input on the park facilities they would most like to see maintained or added to the Boulware Park site and the newly purchased park land across the street (former AT&T site). The community was asked to provide input using a series of sticker boards.  The stickers were used to identify the park facilities that are supported by the community and to prioritize the facilities the community would like to see maintained or added. If a specific park facility was not included on the board, the community was asked to write in the facility along with comments to provide further feedback. 


The images below show the boards and plans used at the meeting along with some images of the event. 


What Park Facilities would you like?

The facilities shown on the boards in these images were selected from current existing site facilities in Boulware Park and those park facilities identified in the Palo Alto Parks Master Plan.


Facility Board Results
Playgrounds: 25 stickers
Open Turf: 17 stickers
Restroom:  33 stickers
Basketball Court: 16 stickers
Group Picnic Area: 13 stickers
Community Garden: 12 stickers
Loop Walking Path: 13 stickers
Dog Park: 17 stickers
Adult Fitness Area:  9 stickers
Pickle Ball Court: 11 stickers
Shaded Seating Area: 16 stickers
Habitat/Native Planting: 17 stickers
Security Lighting:  16 stickers


Prioritizing the Facilities:

To understand which facilities are desired more than others and if the project should be phased creating the order of each phase by priority. 


Facility Prioritization Results
Restroom: 26 stickers
Playgrounds: 25 stickers
Dog Park: 22 stickers
Open Turf: 18 stickers
Basketball Court: 18 stickers
Group Picnic Area: 14 stickers
Security Lighting:  14 stickers
Habitat/Native Planting: 13 stickers
Shaded Seating Area: 10 stickers
Community Garden: 10 stickers
Loop Walking Path: 10 stickers
Adult Fitness Area:  8 stickers
Pickle Ball Court: 1 stickers


Additional Facilities and Priorities:

The community was encouraged to write additional ideas and comments, along with expanding the facility list provided in the boards above. 


Site Map Comments:

Community Meeting Photos:


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